There are millions of unreported stories that have remained locked in a vault of shame and fear, rendered voiceless. The days of ignoring these stories are over.


Our Beginning

Vulnerable Heroes accomplishes far more than helping people connect to their past. It also serves as the pivotal bridge to begin again, start anew and allow for the transformation to take shape. Our mission is to empower men to feel safe enough to bring their trauma, shame, guilt and confusion to the light, so that they emerge as new souls, healing from what once was, to now blazing new paths to emotional freedom. Only then can they heal others.


“Negative cycles break when courageous liberators of souls choose healing over comfort, tradition and ignorance.”

— lucas mack, Founder & executive director

Lucas Mack The Vulnerable Hero

Vulnerable Heroes provides safe places and programs for men to feel comfortable enough to share their voice and personal truth in order to heal hidden pain and break the cycles that hold them back. Your donation goes towards building community centers, programming, content, curriculum and retreats.

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Vulnerable Heroes

Our Mission

Our tagline is, “The pain stops with me. The freedom starts with us.”

Vulnerable Heroes is on a mission to see men experience emotional freedom and healing, so they can go out and heal another, and leave a legacy that provides for generations to come.


Every 10 seconds

child abuse is reported in the U.S.

3 million men

are treated for anxiety each year

79% of suicides

are men


The numbers, the facts, the insights, and the growing concern for the future of men’s health and well-being for those suffering from childhood trauma could be considered nothing less than a true epidemic; This is at the very core mission of Vulnerable Heroes.

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Get Involved

If you are inspired to be part of the solution and ignite this generational awakening by providing safe spaces for men to experience transformation and unlock their potential to bring healing to their communities, then we invite you to donate here.

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